Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Soaking learning like sponges

Twelve Gilberthorpe students were privileged to attend the first inaugural Uru Manuka Student Summit, at Hornby Primary today. 6 students presented Toolkits to other akonga in pairs. 
They attended (and presented) Toolkits on topics ranging from robotics, voki, scratch coding, using apps... 
Afterwards, the 90 students were able to take their new knowledge back and share it with the akonga in their classrooms.


  1. Hi my name is Samara and I go to waima school and your blog post is great and cool and awesome and all student's I'm giving you a thump up and be good be safe and be clever everyone bye and be awesome to you teacher and Tell her that I said hi and everyone that's go to that school go job their i'm sure my sister charlie would love to read your blog post and good bye and have a nice day everyone bye.LOVE BY SAMARA =>

    1. Hey I am Nirvana one kid from Gilberthorpe school.
      Thank you for this my class loves it BYe


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