Thursday, September 22, 2016

Hunter's Ikan Test

Yesterday we did our own Ikan test. I think I did well? Ikan is when you get 3 seconds for each question.

The thing I enjoyed the most is videoing my own Ikan Test.


On Tuesday Rata class got to start on our little gardens. If you don't know what a little garden is well... it is a promotion from New World. Our school got sent a pack of seeds, dirt biscuits, instructions, and a little container to grow the plants. 

It was so cool to see all of the different types of vegetables and herbs, some of which we had never heard of before! 

Then it was our mission to find out some tips for our plants. Where they like to grow, how much water we can give and interesting facts. The students have posted these to their blogs - you can have a look down the right hand side of this blog. 

There was one interesting thing we have thought about our plants. We need to babysit them over the holidays! How would you do this? 
Here are some images of our plants... 

We can not wait to eat them later in the year!!!

Monday, September 19, 2016


Today we were super lucky to have Rachel from House of Lego visit. 
We were looking into our world! 

The outline of the program was... 
"Ever wanted to do gardening but don’t want to get dirty?  Well now your students can get hands on and design a garden with a purpose and think about the environment.  What makes an elephant look different to a giraffe?  Why do the Pyramids in Egypt look different to Eiffel Tower in Paris?  Students will take the time to build various buildings and animals,  they will need to consider their shapes and what makes them unique so it can be called what it is."

It relates to what is happening for us at the moment with new buildings coming and thinking about what makes us special and unique. Also, we are starting our #littlegarden this afternoon! So look forward for posts to come! 

Make sure you check out our blogs to see some more information and photos about what we have learnt in House of Lego. 

Wednesday, September 7, 2016


This term is going so quickly! While Miss M has been away sick, we have had lots of learning opportunities.

This weeks focus is Food for Thought! We are learning about the different food groups, as well as, which foods full us up and which ones give us energy.

In Kiwican, we are learning about resilience and the module that we are focusing on is perseverance. Rata kids are very good at doing this. We know how to show perseverance in our learning especially when we find a learning task difficult. STEPS is getting our attention for this this week.

In Kapahaka, we are learning to do a new haka. This is pretty fun and we are sounding awesome! Maybe next week I could upload a video of us! Would you like that?

In Blogging, we have been working on creating really good blog comments. We are using sentence starters and hopefully you have had a quality comment from us! If you do not know how to do this, ask one of us and we can help!

We also have been learning about screencastify to show our maths, writing or reading. Maybe you will see some of these on the students blogs down the side!

The students blogs get updated a lot more often then our class one, so if you have time check them out!

Hope everyone is loving the spring weather! We sure are!

- Miss M