Friday, May 19, 2017

Learning about Space

Hey guys! 

Rata class are into their forth week of learning and talking about space. Our main question is "Could we live on another planet?" 
We have had a fantastic morning reading about the atmosphere of other planets and comparing it to Earth, as well as, watching some amazing videos from Chris Hadfield (an amazing astronaut). 

Emalea and Mikayla K had some really interesting discussions about living on Mercury! 
Did you know there is oxygen on this planet? There was a bit of a problem though... Mercury often gets hit by flying rocks! Do you know what another name for flying rocks are? Read more about Mercury on this link!

Chris Hadfield is such an interesting person. It is awesome learning from his youtube videos about how to do normal Earth things in space! I think my favourite video of his is how to make a sandwich in space! 

It is interesting listening to the news at the moment. President Trump wants us to send another space craft to Mars. We spent some time reading about life on mars... I wonder if it will ever become a reality? What do you think? Read more about it here!


  1. Talofa my name is Tyrone

    This is a really good video to show people how to live in space?
    I really like your information like how you said in Mercury usually rocks come flying and his the planet.

  2. Hi Rata school my name is Viliami. I am a student from hay park school and in pohatu class.I would like to say that that is awesome learning about space.I was learning about space in my old school.This girl called Inaria had a big Three dimensional project.

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  4. Hello
    my name is Vitaraag!I really like how you put information that makes sense I said that because at most blogs that I go to there information doesn't make sense.To improve your writing you could make your writing bigger. That is all I have to say.Bye!!!

  5. Good morning rata class. I enjoyed this video and your slide show mainly you slide show because you described the planet and i also like your video because i never new that food can float in space.

  6. Hello Rata class I really like how you shared your learning. I never knew that the earth contains 21 percent oxygen. Thank you for teaching me something I never knew.
    From Amanda at haypark.

  7. HI it me Bob from haypark school I think this is a really good video because it show the people how it like to be in space and what astronauts eat I found out astronauts eat ice cream sandwich and I would like to ask you a quick question what do you use to go bath but would it be floating around

  8. Kia orana Rata @ Giberthorpe school. I enjoyed the video of you talking about planets. Also I really like the tile that is about life on mars. I wish I did things like you at Hay park school. We do things like helping other people to ride and make skateboards. From hadiya @ hayy park school

  9. Kia ora Rata Hub,
    I have loved reading all about your space learning! I enjoyed looking at your learning process in the slides and checking out some of the work you have published on your blogs. Some impressive DLO's. I hope I will find some time to go and leave you individual comments. Space is so interesting to learn about, I wonder if you discover a good planet to live on besides Earth! Thanks for sharing.

  10. Kia ora Rata Class.
    I like how you have shared all of this information about Space. Rimu Class have not started our Space topic yet so I will make sure my students check out your blogs to help with learning.

  11. Kia ora Rata Hub
    My name is Elyse & I attend Waima School and I would just like to say that all of this work was very interesting and fun to see, I would like to see more of this sort of work.

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  13. Kia ora Rata Hub
    i like the space video

  14. kia ora my name is hunter i go to waima school i like your video

  15. hi my name is Maihi and i go to waima school and it would be cool to make a peanut butter and honey sandwich in space.

  16. Hi Rata Class you blog is really cool and your blog posts keep up the good work
    Haylee Greymain

  17. Hi my name is tyese at hay park school i like your YouTube video one thing i like about it that it si in space it is the best YouTube video.

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  19. Hi Rata school.I am from Hay Park school.This work is extraordinary or Astonishing.Your work about mars blew my mine.



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