Wednesday, August 9, 2017


Honesty is the way to be, just try it out and you will see... 
We talked about how we can show honesty in our everyday lives.
We played a game with the Ripa tags. We had to show integrity by not goose guarding and doing the right thing by giving it back. 
We had a few problems because some weren't showing integrity. 
Ripper tag


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    1. Sorry for that but Kia ora MY name is Tatyana and I am a student from hay park school.It really look like you are having so much fun playing Ripper tag.
      That is all I got.I hope you can comment on my blog.
      See you Later.Bye.

  2. Bula Rata class my name is Viliam I am Nine years old I am a year Five in Hay Park school in Pohatu class.

    I would like to say I LOVE! The way that you blogged about integrity and I have to be honest I kind of have no integrity when I am playing games sometimes.By the way I think I've played that game before.

  3. Ola
    My name is Kartia and I am a student at Hay Park school. I really enjoyed reading your blog post about integrity. It reminded me of something else called resilience. In our class we sometimes have to be resilient when people cheat and don't show integrity. But most of the time we play nicely.

    Have a nice day. From Kartia

  4. Hi My name is Andrew from Hay park school and I am in room 9.I wish that you are having fun playing ripa tag.If you are scared to play just watch and when you get a ripa off you will start having fun.So have fun playing with your friends in your class.Have fun.

  5. Kia ora

    My name is Daniel and I am from Hay Park School. I liked how you were playing Ripper tag and it looked fun. You know what? That is my favorite game and I think maybe you're all play well and work together to win next time. I wish you all the best.

  6. Ola my name is Hinemoa from Hay Park School in room 9.

    One thing I really liked is that in the photo I can see that you are playing very nice and not being mean. I hope you had a fun day.

  7. Kumusta Rata school i am from Hay Park School.I like your work it has been getting better and your progress.Now i know a lot of information from your blog.I hope you have a good a successful day.


  8. Hi my name is Lonise and i'm a student from Hay Park School.I really like your blog post about integrity. I hope you are all kind to each other .


  9. Hello Rata it is Bob a student from hay park school it sound like your having a blast playing and enjoying the day with your class and your mates maybe you should add more detail.

  10. Hi my name is Ashtyn and I'm from Hay Park School i really like your blog post i use to play ripper tag it was my favourite game at school have you played octopus?

    From Ashtyn

  11. hi my name is tyler i go to waima school what made me like this is that yous played nicely and you showed integrity

  12. Hi my name is Samara and I go to waima School I like the way you played and showed integrity and it look's fun

  13. Hey, Mrs Raisin,
    I love that you blogged about kiwi can


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