Thursday, May 19, 2016

Bryce how to brush your teth

First  you  grab  my  toothbrush.

Next  you grab your  toothpaste and open the toothpaste.

Then you put some toothpaste on your toothbrush.

When your done that turn the tap on and wet your toothbrush.

Now start brushing your teeth.

After you  brushed your teeth spit the toothpaste out.

Lastly  rinse your toothbrush and turn the tap off.

From Bryce

Olivers story

First turn the tap on. Then get your toothbrush and Put your toothbrush under the tap.

Next get your toothpaste and put it on the toothbrush. Now brush your teeth.

Spit it out in the sink.  Lastly wash your mouth out.

Blake sory

Teeth, Brushing, Brush                               

How to brush your teeth


    First you have to get  your teeth brush .

Then you need to get your toothpaste.

And  put it on your tooth brush. When you have done

That you wet your toothbrush under the tap.

Then brush your teeth.

Leave the tap on so you can spit the toothpaste out and it want

Stay in the sink.when you have brushed  your teeth.

Wash your toothbrush then pet your toothbrush away

And your tooth paste. And ter the tap off. Then

Clean your face.

Blake story

                                How to make peanut butter on toast.

Step 1 Get  the toaster  and plug  it in and turn the switch on.

Step 2 get the bread  peanut butter and the knife and plate.

Step 3  pot the bread in the toast and press on the lever so the bread  can coke.

Step 4 when the tarse is cort press the pop up button and pot the tost on your plate.

Step 5 butter the taste wothe the knife but first you need to scoop up the peanut butter then spread the peanut butter on the tarse.

Step 6 pot every thing a way that  you have yous and eat the tarse.Toast, Bread, Peanut Butter,

You smell that.

Bryce how to make toast

How to make butter toast.

First you need a toaster a knife some butter and whatever bread you want also a plate.

Next put some bread in the toaster and push down the lever.

When the bread is now toast and popped up you need to grab it out of the toaster and put it on the plate.

Lastly grab your knife and get the butter and spread the butter all over the toast.

Now eat it

From Bryce

A plain dry slice of toast onyum

Smells good