Wednesday, March 30, 2016

bob bob and sophie

Onfriday it was play day. l went to play at jelly park at 9;50 in the morning with school I was on time I was happy row. I was at home with my mum and my dad. At jelly park I one. I was scared when I went down it the first time The second time I was still scared. On my third time I was hot scared on my fifth  time I got latoiya to go down it too.we weren't  aloud to go down with an adult asked the  life guard if we  were aloud  to go down the slow one with an adult. we were aloud to go down with 3 people . wof me and I fotb wet dan wof my fend  latoiya it was fan wof hor I all had laf wof har to me and har wet dak to the higsllid a gen we dent have  honet we wot har honet we wot har honet we wot har aftor have lave I had has I got mc dinos aftor school my setos got  aftor school my setos  got  to  my dads home I woedt  to go to my  gandads home. my mum sid to me you wor I good  est . my mum wotpd to kam she had to gob to work.
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the fantastic friday

the fantastic friday

On friday Zoey and I could not wait it was amazing.We all went together.

When we got there some of us were cold.So we went and sat with our 

class then we all went to get changed.After we all got changed we went

back to our classes and put some sunscreen on.Then we got to go on the

hydroslide.First I went down with paul Keisha’s dad paul.After that Keisha

and I went swimming.Then I asked Bryce if he wanted to play shark 

tag.Then Blake asked if was allowed to play.Also Mackanzie was playing 

is well.Next Keantaya was also playing.Then the divving bord oppned so

they went to that and they came back so we continued the game when

they came back.We were at Jelly park for four our’s but it was time to get 

out and went back to get changed.

By Hannah 

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friday funday!!!!!

Last Friday we went to Jelly park for Friday funday, the whole school was fantastic so we got to go! It was exciting because it was the first whole school trip. When the roll was done we got on the school bus and when everyone was on we got going to Jelly park. When we got there we had to listen to the instructions before we go inside. The first instruction was no running around the pools. The second instruction is no yelling to loud so don’t hurt people’s ears. The third thing you need to know is don’t talk to strangers. The fourth instruction you need to know is have fun on the hydroslide. After we were finished the instructions.  we went inside to get changed in the bathroom. When everyone was changed we went straight to the pools. The first thing I went on was the hydroslide and it was the slow one because I was scared of going on the fast ones. After going on the slow one a few times i decided to go on the fast ones, so i did. After I went on the fast ones few times it was time to have an ice cream and lunch. After i ate my lunch i went back on the hydroslide.

By Zoey
Friday 11 March 2016
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Monday, March 14, 2016

The Amazing Day at Jelly Park - By Aaliyah

On Friday Gilberthorpe school went to Jelly Park instead of doing devices and other  stuff.We got there in a bus.When we got there we had to wait a bit and we all got bracelets with codes on them because if we didn't we won't be able to go on hider slide.Then we got dressed in the changing room.First  I went down the hider slide I went down on the fast one first.When I went down it gave me a wedge.Next time I went up there I went down the swirly one.It was real fun so I   kept on going on that one.Then my legs  got tired so I went  in the pool.I did a canin ball into the pool.I played a game with my little brother it was called eat the mermaid.Ezra was a shark and I was the mermaid.This is how you play  Ezra just has to grab me and I try to get away.I hope we can do it again!!!  


This term we have been working on writing recounts.
A recount is a true story about something that has happened to you.
It needs a title using interesting words and it needs to tell you when, where, who, and what. The events should be in an order and it should end with a personal statement about how you felt about the day.
We have also looked at orientation, sentence structure and this week (week 7) we are looking at vocabulary.
We hope you enjoy our stories :)
Please comment on them!
- Rata & Miss M 

If you would like to see our learning please visit the class site here. 

Monday, March 7, 2016

Welcome to Rata 2016

Hey team,

Welcome to Rata's blog 2016. Here is where we will share our learning :)
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