Wednesday, March 30, 2016

friday funday!!!!!

Last Friday we went to Jelly park for Friday funday, the whole school was fantastic so we got to go! It was exciting because it was the first whole school trip. When the roll was done we got on the school bus and when everyone was on we got going to Jelly park. When we got there we had to listen to the instructions before we go inside. The first instruction was no running around the pools. The second instruction is no yelling to loud so don’t hurt people’s ears. The third thing you need to know is don’t talk to strangers. The fourth instruction you need to know is have fun on the hydroslide. After we were finished the instructions.  we went inside to get changed in the bathroom. When everyone was changed we went straight to the pools. The first thing I went on was the hydroslide and it was the slow one because I was scared of going on the fast ones. After going on the slow one a few times i decided to go on the fast ones, so i did. After I went on the fast ones few times it was time to have an ice cream and lunch. After i ate my lunch i went back on the hydroslide.

By Zoey
Friday 11 March 2016
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