Saturday, October 21, 2017


Siona explained to us about Diwali - the Indian Festival of Lights. 
As part of the celebrations, sweets are made. The type of sweet is different, depending on the part of India you are from. 
Siona is performing at the Horncastle Arena as part of the celebration.

Friday, October 20, 2017

Bible in schools assembly

Watch what you watch and watch what you eat.

Mr Marty and Roy were in today for our Bible Assembly to start the term. 

We gave Diesel some advice about how he should eat healthier. We need to think about how we can be healthier by eating healthier. 

We learned about how marketing advertisers trick us into recognising advertising logos and brands. The average child sees 15 advertisements advertising junk food. 

We talked about how we can help people who don't like to read. 
As always, we finished with a game of Zonk! - won by the boys 85 - 20

Our Last Rams Session

Today was our last session with the Canterbury Rams. 
We have absolutely loved having them with us, teaching us skills and getting us excited about basketball. There is always somebody using the new hoop!

Thursday, October 19, 2017


"Sometimes I'm happy, sometimes I'm sad.
Sometimes I'm angry, sometimes I'm mad.
I have to remember every day, 
to deal with these feelings in a positive way."
Noughts and Crosses
We played noughts and crosses. It got quite frustrating at times, however we had make sure  we are staying positive. Katie changed the rules so we needed to make sure  we were listening so we knew what had changed. 

Katie shared an experience from when she was at school and struggled with math. She talked about how she could have dealt with it in a better way. 

We each had a numbered list of different emotions... Reece gave us a number. We needed to find a way to shoe the emotion for that number. 
Modelling our emotion

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

We made the News!

It seems so long ago, that a group of our students participated in the Uru Manuka Student Summit... This week we made it in the news!

You can read our earlier posts about the Student Summit here.

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Duffy Role Model Assembly

Scott Tulloch came in today to present our Duffy Awards.
He is an author and illustrator. 
He Played us his reading of the book, I am not a Worm. He'd used fantastic voices!
You can check it out on you tube!

He then drew a portrait of Miss Waho:

Wednesday, September 13, 2017


You can count on me, to get the job done. You can always trust me. I'm the reliable one.

It's great to be back in our hall for Kiwi Can!

We started with a game.
We had to carry a ball between our knees to the other end. It felt a bit silly, and it was quite tricky for some.

We recapped on last weeks session about reliability and trust. We gave examples of things we could do to show we could've trusted. For our activity, we had to work together to pick a card (which had a letter on it). We had to silently communicate with each other to get into a line in alphabetical order.