Saturday, August 19, 2017

Jesse and Angus: Bear Attack

We have been learning about Manaakitanga, then creating Canterbury Digi Award Entries based on our understanding of what Manaakitanga means.

Jesse and Angus have created an animation to show how animals can help humans and how allowing the food chain to continue can also show kindness to animals, by keeping them fed.

Be sure to leave them a comment on their blogs, to tell them what you like, or what they could improve on.

Friday, August 18, 2017

Fenix's Undercover Op Diamond Sword

We have been learning about Manaakitanga, then creating Canterbury Digi Award Entries based on our understanding of what Manaakitanga means

Fenix has been in the Learning Pit, trying to find the right transition speed for his slides. He began with the preset 1000, then found that 100 was too fast. He tried 200, 300, 150... then settled on 205.

Have a look and see whether you think he has found the right speed? Does it still hold your interest, while making it easy to read the text?
Be sure to tell Fenix what you think of it by commenting on his Blogpost!

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Rams first visit

Marques Whippy and Quinn Clinton, from the Canterbury Rams, came to teach us some basketball skills today. It was a great way to put our new basketball hoop into action. 

It was also an opportunity to show manaakitanga to our special visitors. 

Some of the skills were pretty tricky!
Everyone showed great attitudes by joining in and giving it a go!


"Say what you do, Do what you say, Be responsible every single day."

Today, we had the lovely Karla, alongside Katie, instead of Reece.

We have to go things for yourself rather than rely on other people to do it for you. 
Responsibility means telling the truth and taking responsibility for the things you do. 

At home I'm responsible for:
Tidying the house, making my bed, looking after my pet.

In my classroom, I need to be responsible for:
Looking after our devices (chrome books & iPads); putting the chairs down in the morning; doing our work; so that we can advance in life; your own things. 

We played "Bop It"
Bop it
Pull it
Twist it
Spin it
Jump it 
We showed fantastic attitudes this week!
Bop it!
We earned 18/20 for Respect points this week!

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Wacky day

It's all a little crazy today... Wacky Day!
A bit of bling... some fluro... odd shoes... even a Captain Underpants!

Wednesday, August 9, 2017


Honesty is the way to be, just try it out and you will see... 
We talked about how we can show honesty in our everyday lives.
We played a game with the Ripa tags. We had to show integrity by not goose guarding and doing the right thing by giving it back. 
We had a few problems because some weren't showing integrity. 
Ripper tag

Wednesday, June 14, 2017


Hey guys!

Here is our assembly slide from last week! Hope you enjoy it!
Thanks to all the teachers and support staff for allowing us to video them and getting involved in our space theme!