Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Ki o rahi trials

Our seniors had trials for the school Ki O Rahi teams today. It was great to see them managing the game themselves and having a great time!

Chief Selector Tobey, recording notes on individuals standing out. 

Bring on the tournament on the 15th of November


  1. Hello my name is Vitaraag
    I like how you told us what you were doing and added photos.I was reading about you playig a game.Next time you can tell us how to play the game.From Vitaraag

  2. Hi my name is Devanti
    I like how you have told us have you have put in the photos it look cool and it look fun too.

  3. Kia Ora, Rata @ Gilberthrope School.
    I'm Rikki-Lee from Grey Main school.Last year I played that game in Mamaku I'm in Totara now. I enjoyed it and hope I can play it again hope to guys had fun!
    Bye from Rikki-lee

  4. Hi my name is Shialla from Grey Main School
    I have played this game before and it was really fun I really wish I could trial for a team.I wish I could go to the competition it would be really fun. How many of uses got in the team?
    Bye for now.

  5. Hi Rata Class Nirvana here
    Thank you for sharing this amazing thing that is has happen.
    I can not wait.
    Hope all you like it.


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