Friday, October 20, 2017

Our Last Rams Session

Today was our last session with the Canterbury Rams. 
We have absolutely loved having them with us, teaching us skills and getting us excited about basketball. There is always somebody using the new hoop!


  1. Hi it Dani here the rams season was fun it so cool. Just next time add what we thought about it bye.

  2. Hi my name is Ethan H
    I am from Tawa class I love your rams Session about basketball.It is really fun about the basketball and that the guy has come to teach us basketball.My favourite part is the IN and OUT, it is where you jump in and out of the lines.Maybe next time put more information about the picture,good job,blog you later.

    1. Hi Ethan, I really like that game too... although I often get out really early after overbalancing when I go to jump IN at the wrong time... I try to stop, but over topple ;-)

  3. hi its Tru here i loved that sesion it was really fun

  4. Kia ora Rata
    Chloe from Rimu here
    This was a very sad season for all of us we all love basketball.
    I will truely miss getting to play basketball.

    What do you miss the most about not playing basketball?
    I will miss not playing the dribbling game the most.

    Anyways I will blog you later

  5. Hi Rata Class its Kirsty
    Looks like I missed the last session with the Rams but it is ok.
    I hope everyone had fun. BYE

  6. Hello Rata Class.
    The Rams basketball was REALLY FUN! Sadly that was our last day:(
    It was a lot of FUN. but I had to trow and catch with one hand because of I hurt my hand.
    blog you later

  7. Talofa Lava my name is Andrew and I am from Hay Park School and I am in Pohatu class. I already know that you guys are having so much fun.When you guys play basketball did you learn some new skills?.

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  9. Hi there Rata it Bob from Hay park school I liked what you wrote about your last Rams Session but I thing you should wright more. Maybe you should change them to Canterbury Rams because if people read this they might not now who's them that why you should wright Canterbury down but not them. One more question was it fun and what did you guys get to do. That's all I got to say Bye

  10. Hi my name is Kartia and I would just like to ask a question what did you like about basketball?

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  12. Hi my name is Lonise .

    I'm from Hay Park school.I am a year six.
    I really like how you shared lot's of your awesome learning.I bet you's are so good that you guys are pro at basketball.What was challenging and what was not?



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