Sunday, August 13, 2017

Wacky day

It's all a little crazy today... Wacky Day!
A bit of bling... some fluro... odd shoes... even a Captain Underpants!


  1. Hellow my name is Mane and I am a year 5 student at te kura o waima I realy liked your blog it was so clabrative blog you later

  2. hello my name is charlie the student look cool and i like post bye.

  3. Kia ora wacky Rata learners,
    Great to see you all getting in the spirit of Wacky day and dressing a little crazy! I used to love having Wacky Wednesday when I was working as a teacher. Do you know the story Wacky Wednesday? It's a goodie!

  4. Hello Rata Class my name is Elyse and I attend Te Kura O Waima. I really liked your post because to me it's different and what looks like lots of fun.I would love to have a wacky day at our school just to see what people would come in as. Maybe next time you could do a competition as well, out of who's the wackiest and then post a picture of the winner. But it's a really cool picture you posted anyways so ka kite ano for now Rata.
    Yours Elyse

  5. Hello Rata Class. This photo looks awesome. Last Friday we also had a 'Weird and Whacky' mufti day. We did this as part of a KidsCan fundraiser. Was this the same reason you had a 'Weird Day'? Thanks for sharing. From Miss Fortes @ Hay Park School


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