Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Caring For Others

Keisha, Emalea and Tru have made a movie explaining how to show manaakiktanga to others.
They had a great deal of learning along the way, particularly with the challenges that come with collaboration. They got there in the end. This was their first iMovie and they have done a fantastic job.


  1. Hey,Emalea,Keisha,Skyla and Tru
    I like the way you told us how to show manaakitanga and helped each other I also like that you added the music.
    bye for now

  2. Hi Rata class it is me Nirvana and I think this is amazing thank you Keisha, Emalea,Skyla and Tru for making this to show manaakitanga. It is great how Tru and Keisha help Emalea and Skyla when they were hurt. And when Keisha went Tru come. Bye Girls

  3. Hiya Emalea, Keisha, Skyla and Tru, this must be amazing since it is on the class blog! very well done for this achievement! I watched through and it was completely amazing. Good job Girls!
    From Mikayla K.

  4. Hi my name is naphi i go to waima school and i am 10 year olds i really like how you made you video about manaki. by

  5. Hey Rata Class Its keisha
    I know the video was amazing it took so long to do!
    Everyone wanted to Record!


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