Thursday, August 17, 2017


"Say what you do, Do what you say, Be responsible every single day."

Today, we had the lovely Karla, alongside Katie, instead of Reece.

We have to go things for yourself rather than rely on other people to do it for you. 
Responsibility means telling the truth and taking responsibility for the things you do. 

At home I'm responsible for:
Tidying the house, making my bed, looking after my pet.

In my classroom, I need to be responsible for:
Looking after our devices (chrome books & iPads); putting the chairs down in the morning; doing our work; so that we can advance in life; your own things. 

We played "Bop It"
Bop it
Pull it
Twist it
Spin it
Jump it 
We showed fantastic attitudes this week!
Bop it!
We earned 18/20 for Respect points this week!

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