Wednesday, June 14, 2017


Hey guys!

Here is our assembly slide from last week! Hope you enjoy it!
Thanks to all the teachers and support staff for allowing us to video them and getting involved in our space theme!


  1. Kia ora Rata Class Sita here!
    This slide is so funny I laughed so much during this! It is quite a smart thing to do it this way instead while the construction is going on! I like how you based it on space then went to the planets and added videos for teachers to hand out the teachers award. Miss Waho I am not suprised about the way you did your video it is hileriouse!!!!!
    Anyway keep up the MAGNIFISCENT work!!!!
    Byeee!!!! ;0

    1. Hey Sita Rata class here
      Thank you for your feedback. Rata class

  2. Bonjour Rata Class it's Emma here from Greymain School.
    The slide was a great idea for assembly! I like how you focus was on space. I also like how you added in the Principle awards very clever. Keep up the Good Work. Emma

    1. Hey Emma thank you for your feedback we really appreciate that you gave us feed back. Kirsty

  3. Hola Rata class its me Kirsty
    I loved that my friend Nirvana made that slide or most of it
    Have you thought of making a story up because nothing really happend? I have anyway I have to go goodbye for now

  4. Hola RAta class Its me Nirvana
    I loved that we went to all the planets in one day and got back to school before the bell ring bye

  5. Kia ora Rata Class,
    I am REALLY impressed with your Space slides for assembly. I have shared it with other students and teachers to show them how creative you have been. I am wondering how you got pictures of yourselves into your slides with no background? Are you able to explain to me the process you used please.
    Thanks heaps

  6. Hello guys my name is Tatyana from Hay park school and I am 10 years old.Plus nice space video.I really enjoy it.I think that one day you guys are going to be space people because you will be perfect in space with your new alien friends in space.HAHAHAHAHAHAHA.Plus nice cow joke.

  7. Ola Rata school

    Hi my name is Daniel I really like how you guys stetted it up and how you put the space shuttle in the back. Also I like how you guys put the things what they are saying.

  8. hi my name is dani from haypark school i love your animation and i like the joke you guys made up you guys are super cool keep it up

  9. hi my name is Genete and i really enjoyed you animation my favorite part was when the children disappeared one by one. Good job guys and keep up the good work.

  10. Hi Jeremiah here from Hay Park School. I really like how you made an animation using google slides. Keep up the good work and the animation.

  11. Hi I'm Lonise a student from Hay Park School. I really like how you used stop motion animation on slides. It's cool I bet your a pro at Stop motion animation.

  12. Hi it is Angus and I like how you and I like how hunter dubbed but next time you should see hunter face blog you later!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1


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