Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Update! Sorry we havn't posted in a while!

Today we are looking at our school values of Being There, Choosing the Right Attitude, Making Someone's Day and Play.

Miss M saw this really cool video online of a teacher who had different handshakes with each student and wanted to try doing this with our class. We are going to do it a bit differently but the idea is that we all have something that makes us special or unique.

If you could do a different handshake - what moves would you want to include? 

We will upload ours at a later date :)


  1. Kia ora Rata class,
    WOW that is certainly busting out a lot of moves and so much for the teacher to remember. I really look forward to seeing the different idea you come up with that makes you special and unique. I will be eagerly checking your blog to see when it is shared.

    1. Hi Tania, Fenix here.
      It is a certain amount of moves for any student to remember.
      My idea is: I like Minecraft so much I look like steve. (the Minecraft person you start with in the game)
      I think I look like steve because I love Minecraft so much.
      See ya later!

    2. Hi Tania, Kareem here. It is a very hard amount of moves for the teacher to remember.

      The students have their own unique handshake.

      It is very fun!



    3. Hey thank you so much rata class

  2. Hi Rata class that teacher must be the best teacher ever. Well I'll see you later.

  3. hi my name is nesian i go to waima school i like your video i think it cool.


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