Thursday, June 1, 2017


Hey team, 

Rata class have been working really hard on some two person plays. We are learning about how to use expression in our voice and also how to remember our lines! 

The students have been recorded and here is their one week in rehearsal! What do you think? Some feedback would be great! 

There will be more uploaded later!!! :D Keep an eye out! 


  1. Hello Rata
    Great work on these plays. Next time you need to speak a bit louder please so that we can hear you clearly.
    Great work, you knew your lines well and got into the characters.
    from Tierley

    1. Thank you
      Ok we will be louder and we will be in new lines soon rata class

  2. Kia Ora Rata!
    My name is Rikki-Lee from Grey Main School and I am very impressed these plays.They are really entertaining to watch but maybe you could speak a little bit louder. Do you have a Drama class? We have a Production at our school.Great Job.
    From Rikki-Lee

  3. Hi Rata Class, this looks like so much fun! I only had time to watch Kirsty and Emalea's play but I'm sure the others are just as good!! Sorry about Tawa class singing so loud signing (aren't we good though). Time for costumes next! Can't wait to watch when they are all done. Maybe you can perform them to us :)
    From Miss Johnstone

    1. Hey MissJ thank you for your feed back,Also thanks for watching me and Emalea's play next time we might have costumes we dont know anyway i have got to go to class goodbye

  4. Kia ora Rata,
    I am impressed that you are only one week into rehearsal and you are already doing so well. It sounds like you are all working hard on making sure you are putting expression into your voice, you all seem to have a really good pace of speaking. Like others have said, sometimes you need to speak a little louder but I am sure that will come as you gain confidence in acting in front of others. Are you going to be putting on your plays for other students at your school or for your whānau? It's great to see you sharing on your blog. As usual, impressed with your learning in Rata class.
    Keep up the great work.


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