Thursday, October 19, 2017


"Sometimes I'm happy, sometimes I'm sad.
Sometimes I'm angry, sometimes I'm mad.
I have to remember every day, 
to deal with these feelings in a positive way."
Noughts and Crosses
We played noughts and crosses. It got quite frustrating at times, however we had make sure  we are staying positive. Katie changed the rules so we needed to make sure  we were listening so we knew what had changed. 

Katie shared an experience from when she was at school and struggled with math. She talked about how she could have dealt with it in a better way. 

We each had a numbered list of different emotions... Reece gave us a number. We needed to find a way to shoe the emotion for that number. 
Modelling our emotion


  1. Hi Rata it is Bailey here how are yous doing i am good and i hope yous are having a good time in kiwi can i hop you had fun with kote and cross keep it up Rata class.

  2. Hi my name is Veronica and i am from Hay Park School and i am a year 5.I really like how you guys did games and different kind of stuff you did really well i like it.
    Was it a easy game?


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