Tuesday, September 19, 2017

We made the News!

It seems so long ago, that a group of our students participated in the Uru Manuka Student Summit... This week we made it in the news!

You can read our earlier posts about the Student Summit here.


  1. Hi Rata Class, My name is Viliami and I am a year five in Hay Park school In Auckland.

    OMG this sounds AMAZING!Are you guys coding a car or is it controlled by you three trios.I wish I could do this.Technology is quite cool.When I went to toolkits I saw a robot ball it was called a Sphero.So two people from my school went up to code the round Sphero. Feel free to comment on my clas blog.

    Your sincerely


    1. Kia ora Viliami! They are lego Mindstorms. You program the "brain" to move on your device. It was really exciting to share knowledge around different schools within our cluster.

    2. Hello Rata class
      hi my name is Mekilini and im from HayPark.
      What a wonderful idea your group came up with and also was it all three of you that did the news?

  2. Kia ora Rata Class
    I must say that when I saw this I was pretty happy. It was so cool seeing Gilberthorpe kids making the news. It was obviously a great event with plenty of learning involved. Ka mau te wehi!

  3. Hello Rata class
    The things that you guys are doing looks really fun. Did you guys actually take over the class for the whole day by yourself?. One thing that i would like you guys to do is to put more writing and more information.

  4. Hi my name is Tatyana and I am a year 6 at hay park school.So about your blog post I like how you guys take over the classroom to try out some awesome technology around the classroom.Can I ask you a question.?How many day's did it take to make your awesome technology.?If you want to answer my question go on pohatu class blog and you can answer. That's it Good bye have a great day.
    Your sincerely


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