Wednesday, September 13, 2017

New hub in action

We have been having a great time experiencing our long awaited hub! We have left half of our furniture in the old hub! - Maybe we don't need it!?
Before habitation...

The hub in action!


  1. Hey Rata Class,
    I really like the new hub, it is so so SOOOO easy to work in because it is the right temperature and it is so bright and neon.
    I wounder what Tawa and Rimu thinks of it?

  2. Hi Rata, This new hub is sooooooooooo cool! I have been watiting so so so long! And it is finally here!!! Yeah! It is so bright and colorful.
    Bye Bye.
    Mikayla K.

  3. Kia ora Rata Class
    Feels weird calling you Rata Class as we feel more like a hub than different classes. I too love this new space and am looking forward to seeing how we all grow and learn together. It is so great having the opportunity to work with so many of you and having time to get to know you better. This feels like a very good move for us all.

  4. Hi Rata class Tyler here.
    I like the way you guys have taken a lot of photos.
    Next time could you add some more writing.


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