Wednesday, March 30, 2016

bob bob and sophie

Onfriday it was play day. l went to play at jelly park at 9;50 in the morning with school I was on time I was happy row. I was at home with my mum and my dad. At jelly park I one. I was scared when I went down it the first time The second time I was still scared. On my third time I was hot scared on my fifth  time I got latoiya to go down it too.we weren't  aloud to go down with an adult asked the  life guard if we  were aloud  to go down the slow one with an adult. we were aloud to go down with 3 people . wof me and I fotb wet dan wof my fend  latoiya it was fan wof hor I all had laf wof har to me and har wet dak to the higsllid a gen we dent have  honet we wot har honet we wot har honet we wot har aftor have lave I had has I got mc dinos aftor school my setos got  aftor school my setos  got  to  my dads home I woedt  to go to my  gandads home. my mum sid to me you wor I good  est . my mum wotpd to kam she had to gob to work.
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