Saturday, June 11, 2016

Saturday League!

Today I had the privilege of watching Blake, Bryce and Hunter play league. What awesome players!!! Good team work and lead by a great coach.
Hunter managed to side step his way out of many tackles! Blake put the pressure on the other team and made some awesome tackles! Bryce was quick with an awesome fend and scored quite a few trys!
I especially liked watching them support the other team when their players got hurt by switching sides. It was cool to see Blake vs. Bryce!
I am pretty sure there are some future Warriors in my class!
Well done lads! Can't wait to see you vs those Papanui Tigers!


  1. That's great to hear about a good supportive attitude. That make sit more fun for everybody. Great job boys.

  2. It's great to hear your still contributing to Sport in a big way boys. There is so much to learn from playing team sports (resilience, cooperation, communication to name a few), plus it's such great fun! I miss the staff verses students games at Gilberthorpe!

  3. Hey guys Hannah.O here.
    I love how much news there was and now I want to watch!
    What was the teams called?

  4. Kia ora Its Aryan here checking out Ratas blog!
    I like how you put heaps of verbs in the sentence.
    I wonder how they will play next time.

  5. Hi guys it's me Amelia here just reading through this post and thought about commenting on it!
    This was very interesting and Miss Morgan was very lucky to see you three boys play wish I could have!
    I wonder if it's hard to play league?

  6. Hello, I have seen your team train before. there pretty good.

  7. Aloha rata class noah here just cheaking out your learning of cource they like sport they play it everyday but KA PAI! i have never seen you write this much before :)

  8. Hey Miss Morgan its Tyler.
    I wish I could come and watch Blake,Bryce and Hunter play thier league game.


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