Friday, December 2, 2016

Merry Christmas!

This week we have been working on creating an online Christmas Card. We are learning to make animations and also to write Christmas poetry in the form of a recipe. Hope you enjoy! 

A Recipe for the Best Christmas Yet!
A Houseful of family
1 Gallon of love
A Table full of lunch
4 Teaspoons of smiles
A Dash of laughter
4 Sprinkles of joy

Gather all ingredients in one room. Pour love into a big bowl. Sprinkle smiles overtop and mix well. Place lunch and laughter in a separate bowl and knead together. Use family and joy to bind both bowls together. Keep warm. Your Christmas is now ready! Enjoy!

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  1. hay miss morgan i like what you de now this i de one to have you seen it it is cool like your i like that is the end from me


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